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Here you will find helpful answers to common questions about our products, services and company. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to meet all your needs.

Cartoonsaz is a reputable business that employs a group of designers with experience in creating cartoon characters and logos, with a concentration on mascot logos.

Of course, Cartoonsaz’s knowledgeable staff is an expert in:Cartoon character design, Mascot logo design, Cartoon portrait design, Text logo design, Stationary design, Short animations

Of course! Whether you work as a baker, doctor, DJ, or in any other sector, we can capture a portrait of you wearing your uniform to help market your company and establish your brand to clients.

We operate a store on Fiverr in addition to Etsy. When you visit our Etsy store through Cartoonsaz.com, you will save 40% on your order.

Just go to “www.etsy.com/shop/cartoonsaz,” which is our Etsy store, and enter the coupon code “ATI40” at checkout to save money on your first purchase.

Be the first to learn about our amazing weekly deals and stay ahead of the game by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!What is a commercial use license?With a commercial use license, you can use the design for both business and personal usage and have full ownership rights.

Yes, for a small additional charge, we grant permission for commercial use of our designs. In case that you need commercial rights, please let us know when you place your order.

We’re always happy to talk about custom projects! We can be reached at any time by visiting our Etsy store at “www.etsy.com/shop/cartoonsaz.” Just send us a message, and we’ll get back to you right away.

We can bring your characters to life, yes! We specialize in basic actions, like having the character in your logo wave their hand and say hello, in our 2D animation style. You should definitely include this on your website.

for now I accept payments through PayPal and digital currencies.

Initially, a sketch will be provided, and after your approval, colors will be added. You also have revision options to ensure the final design meets your expectations.

Typically, designs are created in A4 size. If you have a specific size requirement, please inform us at the beginning of the design process.

Vector files are scalable without loss of quality and are commonly used for printing. Source files are the original design files, allowing for future edits or modifications.

Yes, we can create 2D animations to bring your designs to life.

Yes, we can design custom backgrounds for your images. However, please note that this service may incur an additional cost.

Yes, make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

When selecting a photo for your custom caricature drawing, it’s essential to avoid the following cases:Overexposed or Underexposed PhotosFlat Photos or Extreme ShadowsBlurry or Small PhotosThe ideal photo for a caricature drawing should be a high-resolution, clear shot of the face with a good balance between bounce light and direct light.


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